Flidgywumper Saves the Seas
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Flidgywumper Saves the Seas

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2024 Green Earth Book Award List - Readers Favorite 5 Star Award - Firebird Award

ISBN 979-8-218-20876-9

AWARDS - 2024 Firebird Book Award, Green Earth Award, Readers Favorite Five Star Award

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From the Forward:

"In the seas is where we find Flidgywumper, a lovable little green fish, who — in this beautifully illustrated book — shows young readers the scope of the plastic problem, and offers ideas for how to solve it. Flidgywumper Saves the Seas is a book that inspires children -- and the adults in their lives  -- to care and ultimately take action to turn the tide on plastic pollution and bring about positive change."...

...Julia Cohen, co-founder and managing director of the Plastic Pollution Coalition

~This book needs to be in every classroom and school library ~

5 stars 

Excerpts From Reviews

- Flidgywumper Saves the Seas is a bright and colorful book with a timely message.
- an inspiring and delightful way to introduce children to the problems associated with plastic pollution.
- part of the solution is getting the message out there to youngsters...this cute book does just that without a lot of doom and gloom, instead offering solutions and encouraging community involvement.
- I like the hope this author gives in the story and in her efforts in life to support a cleaner world.
- Beautiful graphics, clear message, not negative or despairing. Explains the problems and some solutions!
- I run an environmental organization and know the science and can say this book has it right.
- Fun and Witty. Beautiful artwork. Loved by all ages.
- I love the little green fish who wants to make the world a better place. :)
- This book should be in every classroom and school library.
- What an entertaining way to introduce young children to this very real environmental problem!
- Thanks for reminding us of our responsibility to maintain the oceans.
- Once the importance of this issue of plastics dawns on us after an immersion into this beautiful book, then all of us, both young and old will get a grip and get going. So buy a few copies and spread this book around.
- A fun way to share an important and essential understanding.

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